Amy Schumer Shares Hilarious Video of Her Boyfriend Posing on a Mountain

BEN HANISCH Amy Schumer Instagram - Lead 2016
Photo: @benhanisch/Instagram

Amy Schumer and her boyfriend have had no problem gushing over each other since they took their relationship public in January, but that doesn't mean the Trainwreck star won't take time to crack a joke (or five) on her beau either.

As they took a hike up a mountain, the comedian, 34, couldn't help but add some comedy to Ben Hanisch's already hilarious impromptu photo shoot as he struck several poses for her when they got to the top. Rather than taking a dozen snaps of his pose-off, she decided to capture a video of it instead. "When someone thinks you're taking pictures," she captioned the clip on Instagram, which showed him playfully flexing his muscles and singing Aladdin's "A Whole New World" as he stood in front of a picturesque scene.

Before she was done filming the moment, Schumer turned the camera on herself and shook her head 'no' with a deadpan look on her face as he continued to put on a show. The couple's comedy-filed trip up a mountain came just a week after she posted a sweet shot of them cozying up at the MET Gala that included more humor, natch.

"I'm glad I Met his Balls #metball #homeby11," she captioned the photo, which showed Hanisch smiling wide as she leaned against him in her red, plunging Alexander Wang dress.

The couple has been more than candid about their love for each other in their coupled-up Instagram snaps, and Schumer even opened up about their relationship last month during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show. "We met and like totally fell in love and it's been really good, and it became viral Internet news," she told host Jimmy Fallon. "I think it's because he's really cute and people were like, 'What? Dating Amy? He has all his teeth!' Like, people were shocked. They were shocked."

How could you not love this girl's sense of humor. Ben is a very lucky guy.

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