Amy Schumer on How Her Trainwreck Costume Designer Made Her Love Her Body More

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When it comes to comedy, Amy Schumer is a natural. Take her film Trainwreck for example—from start to finish, the flick is filled with laugh-out-loud moments that many 20- and 30-something women will find incredibly relatable. And—no surprise here—Schumer looks great in the film, although she admits that fashion hasn’t always been the easiest for her.

For the film, the comedienne teamed up with costume designer Leesa Evans to create the perfect wardrobe for her on-screen character (also named Amy), and even learned a bit along the way. “She really introduced me to tailoring,” Schumer tells InStyle. “I didn’t know. I just thought, you buy it. If it doesn’t look right, [that’s] it. But she takes every outfit as just a suggestion, and then you make it for you. It was eye opening.”

TRAINWRECK, from left: Amy Schumer, Nikki Glaser, Claudia O'Doherty, 2015. ©Universal
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But the style lessons didn’t end with hems and seams. “It really made me a lot more able to love my body a lot more, just the clothes she was putting me in,” Schumer notes. And if you thought her on-screen wardrobe was just a little off, you’re not wrong. “I thought [the costumes] were cute. And just a little bit of a swing and a miss. You know, just a little too short, too ruffle-y. And I liked that. I liked that for my character.”

TRAINWRECK, from left: Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, 2015. ©Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett
Mary Cybulski/©Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

In real life, Schumer favors designers like Narciso Rodriguez, Milly, Rebecca Minkoff, and Christian Siriano, and says she tends to opt for more figure-conscious pieces. “I like stuff that shows my body. I’m not a stick, but I feel very much like a woman, and I want to show that.” Despite her affinity for the body-hugging, there was one on-screen ensemble that she wasn't excited about. For the final scene, Schumer wears—spoiler alert—a New York Knicks dancer's outfit. "That was cause for a little bit of anxiety," she says, adding that despite her apprehension, when she watched the footage she had trouble finding herself on-screen because of how much she looked like the dancers. "It was shocking to me. It was really interesting." To see the scene, plus all of Schumer's on-screen ensembles, don't forget to check out Trainwreck, in theaters now.

—With reporting by Scott Huver

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