Amy Schumer Shares Another Adorable Photo with Boyfriend Ben Hanisch

Amy Schumer Headshot Lead 9
Photo: Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images

Are Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch the cutest couple in Hollywood? All signs seem to be pointing to yes. Since news broke that the comedienne has a hot new beau earlier this month, Schumer and Hanisch have taken to Instagram quite a few times to declare their love for each other. Case in point: Last night, when the Trainwreck star posted another sweet photo of herself and her boyfriend.

In the black-and-white 'gram, Schumer and Hanisch are standing next to each other at what looks like a kitchen counter, with the former weilding a bottle of Jameson whiskey. By the looks of it, her boyfriend is pretty excited about the drinks she's about to pour. "Yeah so what," she captioned the shot.

Things have quickly gotten quite serious for the It couple. Last week, the actress took her new boyfriend as her date to the Critics' Choice Awards, and the week before he accompanied her to the Golden Globes after parties. Safe to say we'll be seeing plenty more of this duo in the future–and we can't wait.

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