After transitioning to her role behind the camera, Amy Adams found her footing as an executive producer in quite an unexpected way.

An undeniable force on the big screen, the American Hustle actress—who both produced and starred in HBO's Sharp Objects—admitted to initially struggling with switching between her dual positions and enforcing her authority on set. "It's just an intense experience," the flame-haired star explained in an interview with T: The New York Times Style Magazine. "And especially when you're working every day of production, all day every day, in a dark character, and then trying to manage the other stuff—for me, it was challenging."

When the Golden Globe Award winner finally found her voice, it was strangely enough during a tough fake vomit scene.

As the 43-year-old cried and pretended to vomit while crawling on the bathroom floor, a male crew member repeatedly reminded her where a prop was located. Annoyed, she finally snapped, "I've got it, I've got it!"

After the incident, Adams apologized to him, but not for losing her temper. "I feel partially responsible for the tone that's on set," she said. "I'm sorry for how he felt, but I knew why I was doing that."

As for bringing these lessons home with her, the mom of one says that instead of chastising her daughter, Aviana, for being "bossy," she asks her who she's the boss of. "And she says, 'Me.' And I say, 'That's right. And you get to choose who you are,'" she said.

A great lesson for all of us!