These New American Horror Story Season 6 Teasers Promise Plenty of Terror

American Horror Story 6 - Lead
Photo: Courtesy

On Wednesday, FX released the newest teasers for the upcoming sixth season of American Horror Story via Snapchat, and while we're not exactly sure what's going on, we're already more than a little scared.

One promo starts with a shot of a house in the distance as black smoke in the shape of a number "6" emits from it. In another teaser the focus is on what appears to be a baby's mobile, except instead of hanging toys, sharp, murderous weapons dangle down. That's when a demon baby's hand reaches up and snags one of the knives! Another thrilling clip shows a girl running while disembodied hands reach out of the ground to grab her ankles. Absolutely terrifying. Watch them here:

The newest season, which is bringing back previous AHS favorites like Lady Gaga, Angela Bassett, Leslie Jordan, Cheyenne Jackson, and Finn Wittock, has fans speculating that baby Michael from Season 1 will make an appearance.

Watch three additional promos below.

American Horror Story Season 6 premieres Sept. 14 on FX.

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