Rachel Crocetti
Jan 14, 2016 @ 7:30 am

American Horror Story: Hotel has been a bloody adventure since the premiere, and the season finale was no exception. In the 12th and final episode titled, "Be Our Guest," Liz Taylor (Denis O'Hare) and Iris (Kathy Bates) start things off by offering champagne to new guests as they arrived at the hotel. Hotel Cortez is under new management since the Countess (played by newly minted Golden Globe winner Lady Gaga) was killed and the two women are trying to reinvent it as a place to go to escape. After the two hotel reviewers get into their room and notice the Egyptian cotton sheets and Japanese toilet, they are almost immediately killed by the ghosts of Hypodermic Sally (Sarah Paulson) and Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson).


Iris and Liz call a meeting of all the undead that are currently at the hotel. Most of the group meets in the bar, and the two new owners request that they stop killing all the guests. When they are all together, they realize that really the only two who are actually doing the killing is Will and Sally, because neither of them has found any purpose in their afterlives.

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Liz and Iris split up to talk to the two troubled ghosts. Iris convinces Sally that she won't be so lonely if she gets back out into the world. She gifts Sally with an iPhone where she instantly begins connecting with people from all over the world via social media. Through her Instagrams and tweets she gets so much attention, that she actually throws her drugs out the window. Meanwhile, Will revives his career with the help of Liz. Liz Taylor is the face of Will's fashion label while he hides out in the hotel. There are glamorous fashion shows with an art deco feel, and mysterious models walk the runway. The guests never find out that the models are actually all ghosts, because they're never allowed to bring their cell phones.


Iris receives a celebrity who speaks with the paranormal, named Billie Dean Howard (also played by Sarah Paulson). She comes to Cortez to try and contact Tristan (Finn Wittrock) for Liz Taylor, because he is one of the few ghosts that has yet to show up again. Tristan refuses to speak to Liz, but Donovan (Matt Bomer) contacts her to say that he's in a better place where it smells like pancakes and Saturday mornings. He then tells his mom, through Billie, that he loves her and Iris finally gets the closure with her son that she needed.

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Even without Tristan, life is going really well for Liz Taylor. After reconnecting with her son, she is there for the birth of her grandchild. Unfortunately, she soon learns she is "the only woman with prostate cancer" and decides she wants to die in the hotel to be with everyone else forever. She brings everyone into a room with weapons laid out on the bed, and there is an emotional moment when they all confess how much they need her around. When they are about to kill her, the Countess finally makes an appearance in the afterlife, and shows up to "help her fondest creation transition." She then slits Liz's throat.

The next scene cuts to Liz standing over her dead body, when Tristan finally shows up and admits that he still loves her, he just couldn't intervene because she had more living to do. Cue the "aws."


Billie is invited back to the hotel to do a reading on the Devil's Night, when she tries to connect with the infamous Ten Commandments Murderer. John Lowe (Wes Bentley) himself appears to Billie in his room and takes her to the room where James March and his troup of murderers usually spend the holiday. Billie is in shock when she opens the door and comes upon the ghosts. They threaten that she had better leave the hotel alone, or they would come after her. When she claims they can't leave the hotel, Ramona (Angela Bassett) shows up and says that she "kills to live" and would drain her blood if she told anyone about what she witnessed in Hotel Cortez.

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The season ends in style, as the Countess wears a low-cut blue gown in the hotel bar with her typical, fabulously sharp gloves. The story closes out as she meets a man at the bar and utters those famous words—"You've got a jawline for days."

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