By Rachel Crocetti
Updated Dec 03, 2015 @ 7:30 am
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After the Thanksgiving hiatus, American Horror Story: Hotel returned last night with an episode titled, "The Ten Commandments Killer." The show opens up with Detective John Lowe (Wes Bentley) still standing in the street where the little girl named Wren was run over at end of the previous episode. Lowe quickly runs back to Hotel Cortez, where he finds Liz Taylor (Denis O'Hare) brushing her mascara tears away, most likely over the death of her lover Tristan (Finn Wittrock). The detective asks where the Ten Commandments killer is hiding within the hotel, clearly having an epiphany that his home-away-from-home for the past few weeks isn't the resort he thinks it is.

Sally (Sarah Paulson) shows up in the lobby and offers to lead Lowe to his answers. Liz Taylor provides a gun for protection, and Sally leads the disheveled detective up to Room 64, where she states that the answer is behind the armoire. When he pushes the wardrobe to the side, there is a door, and through the door is a dark chamber with all of the body parts that were disassembled from the victims of the Ten Commandments murders. In a series of quick flashbacks, Sally tells Lowe that the killer had a key all along—and that the killer was the detective himself.

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John Lowe sneaks up behind his partner at the precinct as he's evaluating the deceased body of Wren. It is at this point that Lowe starts revealing exactly what has happened the past five years. In a flashback, Lowe admits that five years ago he ended up at Hotel Cortez looking for a martini after a particularly horrible homicide case. Donovan (Matt Bomer) offers to take Lowe upstairs to a party where there would be a ton of booze, so Lowe immediately follows him. The two end up in Room 64 where the ghost of Mr. James March (Evan Peters) is having his monthly dinner with the Countess (Lady Gaga). When the two handsome dark-haired men knock on the door, Elizabeth answers with the response that we're all thinking: "Yummy."

March immediately likes Lowe because he begins talking about death. They drink some absinthe and March goes on and on about how he's obsessed with auras and how the detective has a jet-black aura, among other crazy serial killer talk. For two days, the two men drink and discuss life's purpose and it becomes clear that March wants Lowe to finish the business of his Ten Commandment murders that he was not able to finish before his own death. The serial killer asks Elizabeth to help in exchange for Holden, Lowe's son.

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After his bender at the hotel, Lowe wakes up in his car and doesn't remember a thing. Evidently, his wife Alex (Chloë Sevigny) isn't very happy with his disappearance and to mend things he offers to take the family to a carnival—the carnival where his son is kidnapped.

Lowe begins to live two lives—one at the hotel where he hangs out with serial killers and cheats on his wife with Hypodermic Sally and the other at home with his wife and daughter. March convinces Lowe that to rid the world of all the bad people, there must be justice. In other words, March wants Lowe to become his serial killer prodigy. The detective is easily convinced (or brainwashed) and winds up killing his first victim—a man he thought was a pedophile who kidnapped his son. After the murder, Lowe tries to hang himself, but March cuts him down before he can .

We then find out through a series of flashbacks that Lowe was in fact at every murder scene three times—when he killed the victims, when he removed the evidence, and when he met his partner to document the scene. Throughout this entire retelling of the past five years, Lowe's partner still doesn't believe that he could be a murderer. So to prove himself, Lowe kills the other cop and takes a body part in a paper bag back to the Hotel Cortez. He meets up with March at the "trophy case" and the two embrace over almost being done with the "project" of killing 10 people.

While the episode was gruesome, it answered a ton of questions. We now know who the killer is, but what is happening with the vampires? Will Ramona (Angela Bassett) get her revenge on the Countess? Hopefully next week we'll get more answers!

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