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As the winter finale creeps up on us, Episode 9 of American Horror Story: Hotel showed few signs of a slowing down plot. The episode, titled "She Wants Revenge," opened up with the Countess (portrayed by Lady Gaga) looking into the hole in the wall where her past lover and his wife were just released from being held in the walls of Hotel Cortez for years. The scene then cuts to Elizabeth and her soon-to-be husband Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) discussing plans for the wedding. The Countess requests something "simple and intimate" and her fiancé will design her dress. Not everyone is on board with the wedding planning, however, as Liz Taylor (Denis O'Hare) is still upset with Elizabeth over killing her boyfriend, and she immediately shuts down the Countess's request to order the ceremony flowers.

Cut to a confusing scene where Elizabeth is in bed with someone who is not her husband: her ex-boyfriend and lover, Donovan (Matt Bomer). The two are discussing her plans to wed Will on Wednesday and be a rich widow by Thursday.

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In the meantime we find out that Iris (Kathy Bates) is dealing with some issues of her own. Apparently, a lot of people have found Hotel Cortez to be a nice setting to film adult videos and Iris is not too pleased about it. When three people come to the front desk to check in on a reservation, their film is cut short when Iris barges in and kills the female star and the man with the camera. Donovan walks by and catches his mom cleaning up after the act, and goes into the bathroom to grab the third person, a male actor.

Donovan then brings his latest victim to Ramona's house to prepare their final plans to get revenge on the Countess. At this point, we are all confused as to whose team Donovan is really on. Ramona (played by Angela Bassett) goes into a very sad story about her father, who had Alzheimer's, getting attacked by robbers and and almost dying. Ramona's vampire blood saved him but, as it turns out, the "ancient blood disease" only stops Alzheimer's from getting worse and doesn't fix it altogether like it would an open wound. Eventually Ramona realizes her dear father cannot live like that anymore, and she drowns him in his own bathtub.

In the meantime Alex Lowe (Chloë Sevigny) is trying to figure out what happened to the little boy whom she cured of measles by making him into a vampire. She turns up at a house where a whole gang of vampire schoolchildren are standing over a bunch of victims, covered in blood. They want to kill Alex because it's a "no adults allowed" club of vampire kids, but eventually Max, the boy she saved, convinces the other kids to let her free.

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Ramona and Donovan head to Cortez to finish off the Countess, but as we could have guessed, Donovan is tricking Ramona and has fallen back in love with Elizabeth. The Countess, Donovan, and Iris work together to capture Ramona and trap her in a vertical cage contraption with LED lights.

In the meantime, the Countess has been hanging out with Rudolph Valentino (Finn Wittrock) and his wife Natasha (Alexandra Daddario) who were recently released from spending years and years inside the secret chamber in the hotel. Elizabeth sends Natasha out shopping while she makes plans with "Rudy" to get rid of her and live happily ever after.

The final few scenes of the episode commence with a simple wedding ceremony in the lobby of the hotel. The Countess wears a lace gown with a high neckline, and the two quickly wed. After the ceremony, Will Drake goes to the bar to have a drink, when he meets up with James March (Evan Peters). The old owner and the new owner of Cortez chat about blended families, which brings up an awkward moment because Elizabeth hadn't told her new hubby about her demon child, Bartholomew. When Elizabeth approaches the two of them after Will sees the creature, she is angry that he disapproves of her child. She hits her new husband on the head and locks him in the hidden chamber with Ramona and the metal cages.

Will wakes up and lets Ramona out of her cage, but doesn't last long when the vampire immediately attacks—and kills the hotel owner.

This episode answered a ton of questions and also added a few new twists to the story. We finally know what is going on with the gang of vampire children, but will they ever find their way back to the hotel where the other vampires live? And at what point will Donovan realize that Elizabeth will never give up on her original love, Rudy?

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