By Olivia Bahou
Updated Nov 06, 2017 @ 1:45 pm

Apple has a wide range of emoji to express your (almost) every emotion, from skulls and snakes to smileys and hearts, but almost every one of us has a go-to that inevitably sits at the top of our most used list. And according to new data from Apple, the favorite emoji for English speakers in the U.S. blew the competition out of the park.

Judging by the graph released in Apple’s new “Differential Privacy” overview, the most popular emoji by a landslide is the laughing face that has tears coming out of the corners of its eyes (this guy: 😂). Also in the top 10 are the red heart, the sobbing face, the heart eyes emoji, the kissing face, the rolling eyes emoji, the skull, the blushing smiley, the weary face, and the thinking man.

Most Popular Emoji
Credit: Courtesy of Apple

According to the release, Apple is gathering information about our favorite emoji to “help design better ways to find and use our favorite emoji.”

The brand also notes that the current top 10 had some “surprising favorites,” which I interpret to mean that Apple underestimates how often I roll my eyes over text message.

To each their own!