America Ferrera was one of the first women in Hollywood who listened when 700,000 blue-collar women wrote an open letter offering support for those who’ve publicly shared their sexual harassment stories. That’s why she proudly supports and champions Time’s Up, an initiative designed to fight for safety in the workplace.

On Thursday, the actress and activist joined National Farmworker Women’s Alliance President Monica Ramirez on the Today show, where she explained the thoughts behind the movement.

“We have raised over 14 million dollars and in the last couple days we have received over a million dollars in small 5 dollar donations so it’s incredible to see what’s happening just with the simple message that time’s up and we’ve got to do something about it,” Ferrera said during her appearance.

She moved on to explain why she had no choice but to support the cause.

“Time’s Up is a group of hundreds of women inside the entertainment industry across every discipline coming together because it’s no longer an option to deny what we know. We are not safe in our workplaces and it’s not just about sex. This is about something larger,” she said.

“This is about power dynamics. It’s about imbalance of power that makes people unsafe, and we need to start addressing it much wider than any one perpetrator, any one predator. It’s about pay equity, it’s about being safe in our jobs, it’s about being able to access to opportunity to rise up the ranks so that we’re represented in leadership, it’s about so much.”