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First Class Beauty Kits - Lead
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Getting a break from the daily grind is reason enough alone to book a flight, but it's the beauty benefits of air travel that have us racking up frequent-flier miles. Did you know that when you fly in first or business class, you can grab a luxe amenity kit stuffed with not only the standard eye-mask-and-earplug combo but also your favorite skin care brands? We found some of the best airline beauty bags across the globe for your viewing pleasure. Just don't blame us if you spend a pretty penny on airfare!

Elemis for British Airways (pictured above)

Nourish ultraparched skin at 40,000 feet with the ladies' toiletry kit from Elemis for British Airways.

Cowshed for United

First Class Beauty Kits - Embed 2
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Starting this August, United Global First and United Business First passengers on international flights will get a swag bag stuffed with Cowshed products.

Try them without a flight:
Cowshed Lippy Cow Balm ($8)
Cowshed Cow Pat Hand Cream ($11)

Aesop for Cathay Pacific

First Class Beauty Kits - Embed 1
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This Hong Kong-based airline stocks Aesop products in its first-class amenity kit. Weary travelers can pamper themselves with rich moisturizers for lips, face, and body.