Amber Tamblyn Anniversary
Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Amber Tamblyn and her comedian husband, David Cross, are celebrating four years of marriage today.

On Thursday, in honor of their union and Cross’s comedic roots (the actor is perhaps best known for his role as “Never Nude” Tobias Funke on Arrested Development), Tamblyn posted an incredibly silly message and photo to Instagram.

Next to a photo of the two (well, mostly Tamblyn), the Joan of Arcadia alum wrote: “Happy 4th wedding anniversary to the most talented, wonderful, handsome, compassionate, inquisitive, kind, loving and understanding person I have ever known... Me. I love you, Me. And also David. @davidcrossofficial.”

In all fairness, Cross celebrated their anniversary with a similar dose of humor, posting a photo of his wife in her pajamas bearing the caption: “Eight and a half years ago I met this beautiful, talented, sexy, whip smart, ferocious lady in the VIP tent at a Hoobastank show in Long Beach. Two hours later she let me finger bang her behind a dumpster in back of the Winchell Donuts on Melrose and we've been together ever since. Happy Aniversary baby!”

We hope this couple’s relationship stays as strong as their sense of humor!