By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Aug 16, 2016 @ 12:45 pm
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Credit: Sean Zanni/PMC/Getty

When it comes to the art of being a bad bitch, it's a skill that runs in Amber Rose's family, and the point is further driven home by her empowering attitude toward style and beauty. "Literally, dress how you feel when you wake up in the morning, and don't give a sh-t what anyone says about you," she told InStyle exclusively on her most influential piece of beauty advice. "My mom used to say this to me all the time, and it really helped me to build my confidence. That's actually what made me shave my head and wear and say whatever I want." It was her assertive attitude (and stream of beyond-glamorous selfies wallpapering her Instagram feed) that caught the eye of Estée Lauder executive group president John Demsey when he was seeking out a muse for his latest project. Demsey then teamed up with artist Donald Robertson to launch Flirt Cosmetics, a beyond-cool new brand that features an exterior as bold as their target market, with none other than Rose as the famous face.

It was a match made in Instagram heaven—the star had just followed Robertson not long before their meeting, as she was considering buying some of his artwork. "When Donald [Robertson] approached me with the idea, was like—I'm tatted, I'm bald-headed, I'm very sex-positive, and I kind of just speak my mind. Are you sure you want me for your brand?" Rose told reporters at the Flirt Cosmetics launch last night in New York City. "But it really is a perfect match because I am their modern day woman. My 12 million Instagram followers get it, and I believe all the women in here get it." In lieu of rolling out a complete product collection, Flirt will release a few items at a time so that people can review and use them before the next product hits The first piece, which has been dubbed Flirt Flashes launches September 15, is a lash applicator tool that comes pre-loaded with single flare trios, and takes all the work out of placing your falsies. Though it may resemble a white-out dispenser you used to stash in your middle school pencil bag, Robertson likened to to being "a staple gun for your eyelashes, but without the staples...and the gun." For the rest of us who constantly struggle to apply false lashes, it's a godsend. Check out Rose's campaign image below, as well as a few of the sketches Robertson created of the star.