By Dobrina Zhekova
Updated Feb 07, 2018 @ 3:15 pm
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Amazon Echo Wedding Planner
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Amazon Echo has added a new skill to Alexa's resume: In addition to reporting the weather and setting your mood music, she's also now a wedding planner.

The new feature, currently available for download and created by The Knot, provides users with touch-free updates on RSVPs, budget tracking, calendar count-downs, and personalized task lists. "Wedding planning is hard enough. Now you can stay on track without having to lift a finger," Selena Hadzibabic, The Knot senior director of product, told InStyle exclusively of the 360-degree wedding-planning tool.

According to its creators, Alexa's updates may sound something like: "Congratulations! You have 75 days to go until your wedding in Hudson, New York. Out of 150 invitations sent, 142 are excited to celebrate with you. You have $5,000 of your budget left to spend on your wedding. The Knot recommends you book your wedding day transportation."

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Or brides and grooms can opt to skip their summary and jump straight into their next task, recommended by Amazon Echo and The Knot, based on the wedding's timeline.

To get started, download and enable The Knot Flash Briefing and The Knot Wedding Planner skills, available through the Amazon Alexa app.