Amanda Peet Game of Thrones Conan
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Amanda Peet committed one of the cardinal sins of the Internet (and of life, really) during her visit to Conan on Monday night: she spoke ill of Game of Thrones. The actress—who is married to GoT co-creator David Benioff–admitted to host Conan O'Brien that when she first heard the idea for the now-massively popular show she "thought it was a terrible idea."

The Togetherness star (who worried "I'm gonna come off so badly" during her segment) admitted that she thought it would be nothing more than "Dungeons & Dragons, but with real people." That sentiment did not go over well with the Conan audience, which prompted O'Brien to defend her ("Leave her alone!").

Of course, just like the rest of us, Peet is now obsessed with the fantasy series. In fact, the actress said that when she went to visit Benioff in his office earlier that day, she saw the storyboards for the upcoming season and shielded herself from seeing any spoilers. The Internet collectively forgives you, Amanda Peet.

Watch Amanda Peet's Game of Thrones discussion with Conan O'Brien in the video below: