Amanda Bynes Wants to Negotiate the Terms of Her Conservatorship

In 2014, Bynes's mother was granted control over her estate.

Following a recent return to social media, Amanda Bynes is opening up to fans for the first time about the details of her conservatorship. Six years after her mother, Lynn, was granted control over estate in 2014, the actress is ready to negotiate the terms of her case, which she deems a "controversial" subject.

In a new Instagram video, Bynes revealed that she takes issue with the hefty cost of her therapy bills, and wants to see a judge next week about seeking a doctor within her insurance network.

"Today I want to talk about a controversial topic: My conservatorship case," she began the clip. "I have been going to a treatment center that charges $5,200 a month. There's no reason why I shouldn't go to a therapist who takes my insurance for $5,000 less a month. This is why I've asked to see the judge next week regarding this conservatorship issue."

Before signing off, Amanda thanked her fans for their continuous support. “Thank you guys so much for hearing me out. I’m sorry that this is what I’m dealing with and I’m sorry to put my problems on the Internet, but this is what life has come to," she said. "So, thank you guys so much for always supporting me. Love you all, peace out. Appreciate your love and support.”

In 2018, Bynes's conservatorship was extended for two years, and it's set to last until August — which may infringe on her plans to marry her new fiancé, Paul. Last week, Amanda announced she was engaged to "tha love of my life" on Instagram, and, later introduced her mystery man to her followers in a separate social media post.

According to a source at E! News, Amanda's parents are not on-board with a wedding anytime in the near future. "Amanda's parents are fully aware of her engagement and at this point are not approving Amanda to legally get married under the conservatorship," the insider said. And, if she decided to wed Paul without her parents' consent, they can petition the court to annul the marriage.

The couple reportedly met in rehab and both are currently sober, according to Amanda. “Now I’ve remained sober for over a year — same with Paul — and I just want to let you know that I love you guys and I’m so happy now,” she shared in an Instagram video on Thursday.

“I feel like I got what’s mine, and that is Paul.”

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