Amal Clooney Gets Her Career Ambition (and Fashion Sense) from Her Mom

Amal Clooney - November 15, 2016

Now we know who to thank for Amal Clooney's fierce ambition—and killer sense of style. The human rights attorney spoke at The Texas Conference for Women in Austin on Tuesday, and revealed that her biggest role model is her mom, Baria Alamuddin.

"I think growing up, my mother was definitely a role model. She was always a working woman and someone who is independent and cared about her career and cared about being independent but also had balance," she said, according to People.

"She never lost her femininity and she believed the balance was important and that is something that struck with me," Clooney said of her mother, a journalist.

VIDEO: Amal Clooney's Most Stylish Looks Ever

We've always been in awe of the lawyer's ability to balance her high-power career, Hollywood romance, and love of fashion, so it makes sense that she had a powerful role model to look up to who was doing the same thing.

Amal Clooney - November 15, 2016 EMBED

Clooney even paid tribute to her mom with her ensemble, a navy sheath dress that turned business casual pinstripes utterly feminine with the addition of pointed Paul Andrew pumps and drop earrings.

Amal, please teach us your ways.

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