Alyssa Milano Reveals Why Health Care Will Decide Her Vote in 2018

In an impassioned op-ed for Time, Alyssa Milano isn't mincing words.

"Let’s be perfectly clear," the piece begins. "Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are a direct threat to Americans’ access to quality, affordable health care."

As a co-chair for Health Care Voter, the Charmed actress reveals that she has made the topic her highest-priority, and is working alongside the organization to get one million constituents to pledge to defend affordable health care in the 2018 mid-term elections come November.

"After the election, so many of us around the country found a voice and a community in resistance. We were angry and frustrated and ready to fight back," recalls Milano. "People channelled that energy into marches and rallies, millions of calls to Congress and civil disobedience—all to protect our care."

The mother of two continues: "Before the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans with chronic illnesses and pre-existing conditions had to sacrifice far too much to afford the care they and their families needed. With their votes, Republicans have shown that they want to return to the days when families had to choose between refilling a child’s inhaler and putting food on the table, or when people paid for their insulin over their mortgage."

An outspoken social activist, Milano draws on the energy of the most recent Women's March to encourage people not to stop fighting.

"As advocates, as consumers and as health care voters, we have the power to turn our calls, marches, rallies and shouts into results at the polls," she writes. "After everything we’ve fought against this year, we have no choice but to turn our anger into action and our voices into votes. Too many lives are at stake to sit this out. It’s time to be a health care voter."

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