By Jonathan Borge
Updated Aug 19, 2016 @ 2:30 pm
Simone Biles (L) and Alexandra Raisman
Credit: Alex Livesey/Getty

After the show comes the after-party, and when you’re an Olympic champion, the after-party involves some fun food.

On Thursday, 22-year-old Team USA gymnastics team captain Aly Raisman, who just took home a silver medal in the individual all-around in Rio, went on Instagram to prove that top-notch athletes are, quite frankly, just like us. In a black-and-white shot, the talent and fellow headline-making teammate, Simone Biles, head to the one place that makes all Americans yearn for home: McDonald's.

“French fries + chocolate ice cream,” she captioned the hilarious picture in which the BFFs are both holding just that. Reisman looks as though she’s about to munch on the savory treat while Biles smiles for the camera with both in hand.

So how much time away from a strict diet and fitness regiment does Raisman plant to spend? Barely any.

That same day, she once again turned to the social media platform to showcase her dedication to the sport, standing atop a treadmill before a workout. “Already back in the gym….#motivated,” she wrote.

That explains all those accolades.