By Jennifer Velez
Updated Dec 21, 2014 @ 1:15 pm
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Winter doesn’t officially begin until this Sunday, but if you’re anything like us, you’re probably already over the frigid temperatures. While we’ve been fantasizing about sunny getaways since the first sight of snow, we tracked down a much more affordable way to cure the winter blues: Sweet Lily’s seasonal pedicure treatment.

Even though our toes are currently tucked away in socks and boots, we’re all for keeping our feet in tip-top shape. When we stopped by the all-natural nail spa and boutique, located in downtown New York City (and featured in our 2014 Beauty Black Book), we had a feeling their lavender oat milk pedicure would be the perfect winter escape. And we were right.

The tranquil aroma and plush furniture (above) were enough to unwind after another busy day at the office (we'll admit, the glass of wine didn’t hurt either). The hour-long treatment began with a relaxing footbath, where our feet were soaked in a nourishing blend of lavender tea and oatmeal milk. As the experts worked to buff and beautify, oatmeal soap helped to soften and moisturize the soles. Following the herbal salt scrub, which gently sloughed off any pre-winter dryness, was a soothing lavender oil massage (a.k.a. the best part of all). The final touch? An application of pretty polish, selected from a large display of Zoya shades.

Needless to say, when the weather has us down we know where we’ll be heading for an instant pick-me-up—and we bet it will come in handy after a long day of holiday shopping as well. Want to try it for yourself? The service is available for $76 from now until April 15. If you’re in the NYC area, head to to book an appointment. Otherwise, you can always shop Sweet Lily's boutique online—the hand and foot scrub that's used in the spa is now available for purchase and will keep your skin soft and smooth all season.PHOTOS: Winter Beauty Must-Haves to Keep You Warm and Glowing All Season