Allison Williams's Top Knot Is the Perfect Post-Weekend Hairstyle

Allison Williams Lead
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Though we didn't officially get Monday off, it's been a long weekend. Between all the pre-Halloween, Halloween, and post-Halloween festivities, it almost feels like one of those weekends you need another day or three to entirely recover, but for those of us who weren't allowed to call out of work, it's safe to say our hair has assumed the top knot position. The sleek bun Allison Williams wore to Forevermark's The One premiere in New York City last week is a far cry from the telltale morning-after knot we typically go for, and we especially love how it gives off the illusion of being polished, but is (most importantly) easy to recreate.

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Williams's hairstylist, Bryce Scarlett, began by misting her entire head with water, then coated the star's layers with Oribe's Après Beach Spray ($39; He followed by brushing her hair up toward her crown with a boar bristle brush, then used a wrap-around Hair Bungee ($7 for a set of six; to anchor her lengths into a ponytail. "I twisted the remaining ponytail into a small mound, leaving the ends out so it wouldn't look too perfect," he says. "I secured with hairpins, and sprayed another layer of the Après Beach Spray for a finishing touch, and to enhance the soft, wet appearance."

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