Allison Williams filming Girls - Lead 2016
Credit: Bobby Bank/GC Images

This is Marnie Michaels at her finest.

While the fictional Girls character, portrayed by Allison Williams, seems to maybe, just maybe have finally found her footing in this thing called life on season five of the hit HBO show earlier this year, it’s not hard to forget all of the first-world challenges the polarizing beauty has experienced before. In fact, she’s put her time in as an art gallery secretary, a married woman, and even a musician.

So what else could Marnie have possibily become? A SoulCycle instructor. On Thursday, Williams hilariously took to Instagram to share a never-before-seen image of herself in full Girls character leading a pack of eager cycling fanatics. “Marnie: the Soul-Cycle instructor (of your nightmares) that never was. Courtesy of a deleted scene in Season 3,” she wrote as the caption to her #TBT shot.

In the image, Williams takes on the role of the leader inside one of the popular spinning classes, where men and women thump their feet to the beat of the music and gyrate atop a bike as music blares. Williams rocks a hot pink hoodie with a branded skull-adorned bandana, a watch, what appears to be a fanny pack, and a mic attacked to her ear.

As for who would take inspirational fitness words of wisdom from Marnie? Let’s just say it’s probably best this scene never made it on air.