Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

Since the inception of Girls Allison Williams’s Marnie Michaels has fallen in love, fallen out of love, said “I do” and then asked for a divorce—telltale signs that the 20-something character hasn’t a clue what she wants. However, all that will change, Williams hopes, in the final season of the hit HBO show, which airs in 2017.

“It feels like for years she’s been driving towards this work that she desperately needs to do to kind of improve herself and make herself the full human that we know that she can be,” Williams told InStyle at Breyers’s 150th birthday celebration in New York on Wednesday. The 28-year-old actress continued to dish on what she wants Marnie to accomplish in the future. “My hope is that she finally does the really, really hard self-examinations that she needs to do and is done putting them off and starts to life for herself, not her family, not a man.” Understandable.

Plotlines aside, the end of the series will be bittersweet for Williams , who credits her success and stardom to all-things Girls. “I’ve never been in the industry without Girls so to me it marks the beginning of adulthood—just this new phase of life,” she told us. “I kind of graduated from college and went to Girls for grad school and now I’m graduating from grad school and I have a doctorate in really good dialogue and sex scenes. You know, it feels really strange. I think it’ll always feel like one of the major building blocks and foundations of my life.”

Before Season 6 airs, Williams also wants to make one thing very clear: “By the way, the apartments are big 'cause we have to shoot in them, not because that’s how big they would be. We can’t afford those apartments.”

There you have it.