Allison Williams Says She's Constantly Told She Looks Like Kate Middleton

Is there anything more titillating than stumbling across a set of celebrity doppelgangers? I mean, probably, but that's not to say they don't excite us.

During a recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s radio show, Radio Andy, Allison Williams opened up about being told “once or twice a week” that she looked like Kate Middleton.

We can certainly see why, the two women could be twins. Don’t believe us? Here’s a picture of each for reference.

“I think it was just that I was white with brown hair and seemed slightly regal and some way, which is a huge compliment,” she said of why she was told so often about the resemblance. “She’s my dream person. She’s so elegant! I would faint in her presence.”

But the similarities don’t just end there, the two are also somewhat of style look-a-likes as well, even wearing similar wedding gowns on their respective big days.

As we all remember, when the Duchess of Cambridge tied the knot with Prince William in April 2011, she wore a stunning long-sleeve lace wedding dress by Alexander McQueen.

Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding embed
Chris Jackson

Just four years later, when Williams married entrepreneur Richard Van Veen, the actress sported a similar long-sleeve gown designer by Oscar de la Renta.

However, Williams made it clear that their twinning gowns were hardly planned. “I’m sure that’s what an article said it’s inspired by [Kate's dress] – like, I can just picture that in print – it’s not the case,” she said. “But it also had long sleeves.”

In jest, Williams added, “I guess it was just 100 percent just stolen from her. I stole Kate Middleton’s wedding gown.”

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