Actress Allison Janney on the power of a good pair of sunglasses.
Allison Janney
Credit: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

When you live in Los Angeles, a great pair of sunglasses is crucial. The hair and makeup process in this town is a lot, so you have to have shades to throw on that’ll make you look instantly chic when you’ve stayed up too late and don’t have time for any of that.

I’ve had bad eyesight for most of my life and hate wearing contacts, so I’ve collected dozens of prescription sunglasses over the years. I keep them all in a cabinet right by the door so I can swap them out every day depending on my outfit and what I’m doing. I have lots of frames that I love, but lately I’ve become obsessed with the ones by the L.A.–based brand Jacques Marie Mage.

They all have beautiful, luxe shapes and colorful tinted lenses. And for every pair you purchase, the brand donates to organizations that protect American wildlife and national parks, which is just the icing on the cake. I wear the thick green frames most often to work on the set of Mom, and everyone says I look like a Greek shipping magnate.

Allison Janney
Credit: Carolina Salazar

Two other people copied me and bought them right away. When I want to go incognito, I wear the dark navy ones. I love to people-watch, especially at the airport, but unfortunately my height always makes me stand out. These glasses are like having a force field on, so I have more freedom to look around. When I put on the gold-wire aviators, I just feel cool — I know I look so much better in them than I do out of them.

Each style gives me that extra little confidence boost as soon as I put it on. And who doesn’t need that every once in a while?

—As told to Jennifer Ferrise

Janney stars in Ma, in theaters May 31.

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