All Day Face Mask -
Credit: alliesofskin/instagram

Overnight masks have been a staple in the skincare category for years, but masks you can wear the entire day? That's a new one. Allies of Skin, an under-the-radar skincare brand you need to know about, has branched out to include an all-day face mask, and it works just as hard as you do during the daily grind. Even better, it's the first mask ever that you can wear underneath your makeup. It's lightweight and has the consistency of your traditional moisturizer, so you don't have to worry about too much product buildup.

After washing your face, apply the mask directly onto clean skin so that the antioxidants can really work their magic. You can layer your favorite moisturizer or sunscreen on top, then follow with your usual makeup as needed. Its brightening abilities are perfect for concealing the evidence of an all-night Netflix binge, and because it's so hydrating, you'll definitely want to incorporate the mask into your fall and winter skincare lineup. Pick up a tube for $72 at It's pretty much the beauty equivalent of Clark Kent wearing his Superman suit underneath his office-appropriate wardrobe.