By Claire Stern
Updated Mar 15, 2018 @ 11:30 am
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Allbirds Tree Shoe
Credit: Courtesy of Allbirds

Allbirds is making good on their sustainability promise. After winning the hearts (and soles) of Silicon Valley tech bros and gaining fashion clout by collaborating with Outdoor Voices, the ethically made shoe brand heralded for their supremely comfortable wool sneakers have moved on to their next material: trees.

The appropriately named Tree collection, launching today, features footwear fashioned from Eucalyptus tree pulp, which not only has a lighter carbon footprint—it wicks moisture, feels smooth on the skin, and weighs next to nothing, just like the beloved wool style that came before it. (Who knew?!)

"The properties of wool are incredible, but sometimes it fell short in hot and muggy weather," co-founder Tim Brown recently told InStyle by phone, alluding to the warming effect of the shoe. "By contrast, eucalyptus fiber is incredibly soft and creates a cooling sensation when you touch it." Plus, it's renewable—even the shoelaces are made from recycled plastic bottles. Adds co-founder Joey Zwillinger: "We never look at materials that are going to be bad for the planet."

Allbirds Tree Shoe - Embed - 1
Credit: Courtesy of Allbirds

available at Allbirds, $95

To really double down on the comfort factor, the shoes feature a breathable, perforated mesh knit upper that Brown compares to "a screen door in a summer house" and come in two styles designed using 3D knitting technology for optimal stretch: the popular Wool Runner and the brand-new Skipper, Allbirds's take on the boat shoe.

Allbirds Tree Shoe - Embed - 2
Credit: Courtesy of Allbirds

available at Allbirds, $95

Looks like the eco-athleisure trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon.