All This Panic Follows the Real Lives of 7 Teenage Girls from Brooklyn—Watch the Trailer

All the Panic Film
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The 2016 Tribeca Film Festival was the debut for much-buzzed about All This Panic, a documentary following seven Brooklyn teenage girls over the course of three years by husband-and-wife team Jenny Gage (director) and Tom Betterton (cinematographer). The duo, known for still fashion photography, has brought their sun-kissed, dreamy aesthetic to the raw emotions of seven teenage girls living the not-always-rosy time between high school and college.

All the Panic Embed
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After giving birth to her first daughter, Gage (above, fourth from right) took notice of two sisters, Ginger (above, third from left) and Dusty (above, second from right), who moved in a few houses down the street from them in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Gage became fascinated by what their world must be like and asked their parents if she could film them and see what developed.

As the film unfolds, the girls seamlessly move through the years with different hair styles and the disappearance of pudgy young adult cheeks. They face small dilemmas like, “There’s all this panic about what to wear on the first day of junior year,” to larger ones, like dealing with a mentally unstable parent who loses their job and potentially their home. But by the close of the film, there are no regrets and the girls are ready to launch into whatever direction their lives will take them.

Watch the trailer here and if the buzz is any indication of the future of this film, you’ll be able to see the full feature on a big or small screen soon.

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