All the Details On Olivia Pope's Unusual Outfit from Last Night's Scandal

Scandal, Kerry Washington
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Scandal–we missed you! The show returned last night after a brief hiatus with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) taking on a new Pope & Associates case. She hasn't quite recovered from her brutal kidnapping and is visibly shaken up throughout the intense police brutality job she takes on. Even her wardrobe is not the Olivia Pope that we're used to seeing. Costume designer, Lyn Paolo, explains why she chose to use navy predominantly. "She's still suffering post traumatic stress. She's not Olivia Pope yet," Paolo told InStyle. "We were playing with the idea that she blends in with the police in the beginning wearing a navy coat. Then she transitions into realizing that there's been an error and goes into the crowd to be part of the protest. In those scenes, she stands out because no one else around her is wearing navy."

Meanwhile, back at the White House, First Lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) is determined to run for office after Fitz's term is over. This episode showed her first move: helping her husband find a terrible VP replacement that would never run in the next election. "Now that Mellie is running for office, we dressed her in red, white, and blue," Paolo said of the Oscar de la Renta dress, Majorca pearls, and Neiman Marcus shrug that Mellie wore. "She is like the American flag!"

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