All The Buzz: 10 Sweet Ways To Celebrate National Honey Month

Honey Month
Photo: Alex Reside for; Imaxtree; Courtesy Photo

Get ready for an invasion of bees! From sweet-smelling bath bombs to designer fragrances to chic off-the-runway hats, our black-and-yellow friends are definitely having a moment this fall in fashion, beauty and home products. Since September is officially National Honey Month, now is the perfect time to pay a stylish tribute to the hardest working insect. In Manhattan, rooftop beekeepers are tending to hives, tucked into flower and herb gardens that are high above the city's hustle-and-bustle. At the Waldorf Astoria, Chef David Garcelon (shown above) keeps lavender and basil blossoming close by their seven hives. The resulting honey makes its way onto the hotel's dinner menu, as well as into the Guerlain Spa, where the new "Milk, Haute Honey and Rooftop Herbs" manicure and pedicure softens up hands and feet. Can't make it to NYC for a treatment? You can replicate a similar experience at home. Here's how:

Step 1. Warm up a small bowl of milk.Step 2. Soak your fingers -- or toes -- for five to ten relaxing minutes.Step 3. Dry off them off and then brush on warm honey all over your hands or feet.Step 4. Wrap your honey-covered limbs in steaming hot wet towels. Rest for a few minutes before removing and rinsing.Step 5. Marvel at how soft and sweet smelling your skin is!

Looking for even more ways to sweeten up your life with honey or some bee-inspired duds? Click through to our slide show and discover nine new products that have our whole office buzzing with excitement.

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