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Aliza Licht is the career and social fairy godmother you've always wanted. The well-known social media maven, who gained popularity through her creation of the DKNY PR Girl Twitter handle (which garnered 500,000 followers during its reign), has taken her expertise from the phone screen to your hands. Along with serving on the nomination committee for InStyle's 2015 Social Media Awards (submit your votes before Sept. 15!), Licht recently published the book, Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media. ($17; amazon.com)—the ultimate guide to landing your dream job, making the most of the opportunity, and giving your personal brand and social media profiles that certain je ne sais quoi.

It was through her social media presence and prowess on Twitter that an editor from Grand Central Publishing contacted Licht about possibly writing a book. "She said that I could write about anything I wanted," Licht says. "I sat on it for a few months, but I started getting more and more questions from people all over the world asking for advice." Licht's loyal followers frequently used Twitter as a way to connect and get her two cents on public relations, careers, and even everyday life. "I started a hashtag called #PR101 and every time I would tweet that, people would say that might be PR, but it might be #business101 or #life101. I started paying attention to the fact that people were responding to the advice more broadly than just public relations," she says.

Between spending time at work and with family or friends, Licht burned the midnight oil to finish her book and designated the hours between 9:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. every night for three months to write. The only time she took off was Thursdays to live-tweet Scandal, of course, and two weeks off for fashion week. As Licht began to write, she thought, "How many people have contacted me and said, 'Hey, let me take you to coffee and pick your brain?' It was a lightning bolt moment for me as I thought, what if this book was my way of grabbing coffee with everyone? It could be like a virtual mentorship." College students, young professionals, or anyone looking to re-establish their personal brand alike can look to Leave Your Mark for tips. "Personal branding and social media really transcends position and age," she says. “I have people in their 60s who are reading it and are absorbing every ounce of the social media advice."

DKNY PR Girl may have retired, but Licht is still here to dispense words of wisdom and advice. Check out Leave Your Mark to learn how to leave yours. Follow her on Twitter (@AlizaLicht) and on Instagram (@alizalichtxo).

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