Alicia Vikander Sat Next to Prince William at a Dinner Party and Chose a Hilarious Topic of Conversation

Alicia Vikander is the woman we all aspire to be. The Tomb Raider actress was serendipitously seated next to Prince William at a recent dinner party, and decided to ask him about what could be a touchy subject: The Crown.

The Swedish actress was invited to a black-tie dinner at the British Ambassador’s residence during the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official tour of Stockholm last week and was seated between Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Prince William. But rather than play it safe and talk about, say, the weather, Vikander decided to bring up The Crown, Netflix’s series dramatizing the early reign of William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Alicia Vikander Prince William
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While the first two seasons of The Crown focus on the Queen’s younger years, the series will go through a time jump, and William could see himself portrayed on camera by Season 5 or 6. His mom, Princess Diana, will make her debut on The Crown during the upcoming Season 3.

“Well, I’ve seen The Crown!” Vikander told Norwegian talk show host Fredrik Skavlan of her conversation with the prince. “It’s actually the first thing my friend and I started talking about with William. Apparently he’s a Game of Thrones fan, I was told.”


The actress also joked about the struggles of eating at a black-tie dinner. “I was sitting there looking around me. I guessed that you were supposed to wait, but I was very hungry,” she joked. “Normally if you’re more than ten people you’re allowed to start eating, but nobody else did so I held back. I didn’t even have a sip of water because I thought, ‘No, I’ll just wait.’”

The fact that she was sitting next to a prince probably had something to do with it.

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