Alicia Silverstone Lead
Credit: Ron Adar/FilmMagic

For Alicia Silverstone, it's all about the animals. The Clueless star, who leads a plant-based lifestyle, has long been vocal about being an animal activist, partnering with PETA, the non-profit organization that champions animal rights, on PSAs and campaigns since she was in her teens. And now, she's back at it again to spread a PETA-approved message: I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Wool. In case you're wondering, yes, yes she is naked in the campaign. It marks her second time ever stripping in front of the cameras (the first time being the PETA vegetarian video in 2007), and we have to say, it's most certainly effective. But before we get into that—why wool? Is wool harmful to animals?

"Most people aren’t aware at all what goes into getting wool and are very surprised that there’s a problem with it," Silverstone tells us, as she names fur and leather as being the most recognized issues. "The [wool industry] is really, really cruel—there's no retirement farm, it's more like, 'Hey, we're going to torture you your whole life, and then slaughter you afterwards.' I'm so happy to be helping in raising awareness about something people are quite innocently in the dark about."

And she's hoping that once more people are educated, are more aware, that they'll consider cruelty-free alternatives (she calls out a New York-based vegan brand Vaute Couture as one). "It's not so hard," she simply states about finding vegan-friendly options. "Animals don't deserve the treatment they're getting, and I don't think most people would approve of it at all—they just don't know."

Now, onto the campaign. Shot by renowned celebrity photographer Brian Bowen Smith, Silverstone is seen posing in a field, with nothing except for a sheep mask in her grip. "I was pretty shy about it, but I trusted the photographer," she reveals to us about what it was like to shoot the campaign. "You know, you don't see me naked in movies or TV, I don't do that, but for the animals, it's worth it, and hopefully that carries some weight. And if I can help with informing people about what's going on, if my butt has to be naked for them to get it, then it's worth it."

Alicia Silverstone PETA
Credit: Brian Bowen Smith

Silverstone's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Wool" billboard is scheduled to be unveiled in Times Square today (at 40th Street and 8th Avenue) to engage consumers and have them consider each purchase during the busiest shopping season of the year: Black Friday. Is she nervous about it at all?

"I kindof can't really comprehend it," Silverstone laughs. "But it’s kind of exciting that there’s going to be something that will catch people’s attention and get them to think. Hopefully, they won't say anything mean about my butt." She pauses, and then adds: "I’m teasing—if they’re going to make fun of my butt, that’s OK because it’s for the animals, so I’ll take it."