Credit: Scott Garfield/ABC

In a year of nonstop TV reunions, fans of ABC spy drama Alias have begun to ask themselves, “Where’s my happily ever after?!” Granted, the show’s 2006 series finale was pretty straightforward, most ends neatly tied, but we’d still kill to see the cast together again.

Michael Vartan (the actor behind dreamy secret agent Michael Vaughn), is just as eager as we are for what would surely be an action-packed revival. “I always joke that if they do, they better hurry up, because I'm getting up there in age," Vartan told E! News, "Running down those hallways, you know, I'm not 30 anymore so ... I would definitely be interested, but I haven't heard anything about it."

Get ready to sob tears of joy, Michael and Sydney shippers. Vartan, does, in fact, keep in touch with former co-star and ex-girlfriend Jennifer Garner. Actually, he’s remained in contact with most of the cast and crew.

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“When you spend 14 hours a day with someone for five years, they really become family,” Vartan explained, “The last shot of that show, the entire crew of 200+ was weeping like babies. We really loved each other. It was really hard when that show ended to not have that companionship anymore.” Reunion pitch, right there.

Are you listening, Jen?