Dancing With the Stars
Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

I would like for the record to show that in my first Dancing with the Stars article for InStyle — the one that introduced the cast of season 27 — I predicted that Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten would have undeniable chemistry and would probably start dating. Anyone who watches the show can testify that I certainly got the chemistry part right. And since it has recently been reported that Ren broke up with her longtime boyfriend, I’ll be two-for-two any day now.

Even the producers of the show are curious about this possible love connection. When interviewing Alexis before her foxtrot tonight, the person behind the camera asks her, “Have any feelings developed for Alan?” Alexis giggles like a school girl in love and cheekily responds, “No comment.”

I would traditionally wrangle in my suspicions, knowing that sometimes, viewers like me project our desperation for a love story onto platonic relationships. Knowing that a show romance might secure votes, certain couples act coy when asked about their chemistry. We forecast wedding bells in the future, and then feel duped when we learn it was all a ruse. Remember: we are the same people who watch The Bachelor.

However, Ren's break up with her adventure-seeking boyfriend gives me confidence that this crush may develop into something a little more serious. The potential is there, covered in glitter.

Ren is a model who landed a rookie spot in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She’s also a bit dorky, incredibly talented, and a self-made social media sensation. Bersten likely can’t help but be attracted to her and some of his dance moves corroborate this fact. Just watch their Argentine Tango for proof.

The attraction doesn’t appear to be one-sided, either. Ren can’t help but be a smitten kitten when it comes to Bersten. Not only does he push her to be a better performer, but he believes in her talent and supports her no matter what. Plus, Bersten is beloved by the audience, and one can’t help but to feel like a prom queen when she’s dancing with the most popular boy on DWTS.

In the beginning, Bersten tossed Ren a few elementary steps, just to see how she moved. We could plainly see that Bersten was totally stoked that his partner can actually cha-cha to the beat and understands the intricacies of a samba roll. And homegirl is flexible; Based on the way she can easily fall into a backbend, her spine must be made of silly putty.

What I like about this partnership is that Bersten isn’t holding back. He’s choreographing fast, difficult routines and he’s taking risks — and Ren is right there with him. Now all we have to do is wait and see if her 12.8 million Instagram followers actually vote for her so she can continue this alleged relationship for the remainder of the season and beyond.