Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Won the Democratic Primary In New York

"No amount of money can buy a movement."

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wins primary

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, known to many by her initials AOC, has won the Democratic primary for New York's 14th Congressional District, CNN reports. It's the same seat that she won in 2018 that made her the youngest person in Congress.

Two years ago, she unseated longtime Congressman Anthony Pappas, in an upset that was indicative of a progressive wave of politicians in the party. Last night, she was up against CNBC correspondent and anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera whose platform is decidedly different from the current Representative. Notably, Caruso-Cabrera is against Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, policies that AOC has backed and fought for over the last two years.

On Twitter, AOC posted a video about the victory. "Wall Street CEOs, from Goldman Sachs to Blackstone, poured in millions to defeat our grassroots campaign tonight. But their money couldn't buy a movement. Thank you #NY14, and every person who pitched in for tonight's victory," she wrote. In the video, she reiterates that point and adds, "No amount of money can buy a movement. We will not stop until we guarantee healthcare to every single person in the United States of America. We will not stop until we decarbonize our economy. We will not stop until we end the scourge of mass incarceration. We will not stop until the job is done and when the job is done, we're going to keep pushing."

Elsewhere in New York, Jamaal Bowman, a candidate that was backed by AOC, is leading incumbent Eliot Engel by over 4,000 votes, the New York Times reports. Engel has been in Congress since 1988 but recently came under fire in early June after a hot mic caught him saying he "wouldn't care" about addressing his constituents at a news conference about local vandalism if he "didn't have a primary."

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