By Jennifer Ferrise
Updated May 29, 2015 @ 9:52 pm
Kerry Hallihan

Ever since she made a splash in the Percy Jackson movies and posed in our August 2013 issue, we've been smitten with actress Alexandra Daddario. Now she is making major waves again in San Andreas, a disaster drama that shows the fallout from a massive magnitude 9 earthquake that hits California. Daddario gets caught up in the action as Blake, the daughter of Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino, who fight to save her from the chaos. Before you check out the film (in theaters today), get to know a little bit more about the 29-year-old beauty.  

Kerry Hallihan

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1. She's a stunt master

While filming San Andreas, Daddario jumped right into those intense action scenes (seriously, check out the trailer). "Sometimes we were on a gimbal, which is a thing that moves you up and down," she told Jimmy Kimmel. "But we also spent weeks in Australia in one of the biggest water tanks in the world. We had water constantly flushed on us."

2. Her red carpet style is stunning

When it comes to fashion, “I think that you just have to go with your gut,” she says. Her most recent win was a gorgeous crimson Diane Von Furstenberg gown with a sexy slit at the L.A. premiere of San Andreas

3. Those sky-high heels? She's okay leaving them at home

"I'd rather be comfortable when I go out," she says. "Five-inch heels may look amazing, but you might feel silly trying to walk in them!" She even posted a hilarious video of a recent shoe situation on Instagram

Kerry Hallihan

4. She geeks out on social media, just like the rest of us

As her 358,000 Twitter followers can attest, Daddario is always posting fun behind-the-scenes snaps (most recently she is shooting The Layover with Kate Upton) and quirky musings (she's a sock lover!). So whose feed does she like to follow? "Steve Martin—he's always been one of my favorite people and he doesn't disappoint on Twitter."

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5. She's probably all over your DVR too

Best known for her big screen performances, Daddario has also popped up on TV shows like True Detective, New Girl, and Parenthood. Our favorite? Her brief, but memorable cameo on The Last Man On Earth as Phil Miller's dream girl

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