Alexander Wang's Apple Music Fashion Playlists Will Put a Pep in Your Stylish Step

Alexander Wang
Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage

New York Fashion Week’s hottest tickets aren't just for front-row seats to runway shows. Just as covetable are invitations to designers' star-packed, late-night after-parties, and no one hosts a shindig quite like Alexander Wang. In the past, the 32-year-old designer has transformed gritty warehouses into dimly lit, loud-music-blaring nightclubs of epic proportions.

It’s fitting, then, that Apple tapped Wang to curate three distinct playlists to kick off its Apple Music Fashion channel, which will merge the worlds of tech, style, and music by way of the favorite sounds of a well-known fashion influencer. In a promotional video shared on designer’s Instagram, he shows off his love for hip-hop and heavy-beat R&B as he preps for a party (one with all-black décor, of course) and later wakes up the next morning, seemingly not knowing what happened.

So what do the playlists consist of? Dubbed “Chill,” “Hype,” and “Vibe,” each reflects one of Wang’s many party-ready moods. As he says in the clips, "Vibe”—which includes songs like Drake and Future’s “Jumpman”—is meant to reflect a house party, while “Chill” is his “go-to playlist when I get home from work.” Meanwhile “Hype” is essentially the soundtrack to his high-energy runways with jams like Yellow Claw’s “DJ Turn It Up.”

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Visit to learn more and download the playlists via Apple Music.

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