Alexander Skarsgard
Credit: Mark Davis/ Getty Images

What Maisie Knew star Alexander Skarsgard had a problem at the Toronto International Film Festival—he had nothing to wear to his movie's premiere! Luckily, a last-minute stop to Toronto's Gucci store provided a luxury solution. "I've been shooting a film named Hidden for two months, and when I go on location, I don't pack a suit," he told us at the dinner InStyle hosted in honor of the Maisie movie at the Windsor Arms Hotel. "I bring a T-shirt and sweatpants every day. And when you're working, it's pretty intense. I don't have a lot of time outside of shooting. So I had nothing." He also had nothing that fit. For Hidden, he had to lose 16 pounds from his 203-pound frame to take on the emaciated look his character called for. No wonder he had no clothes! Though, judging from his role on True Blood, that wouldn't have been such a bad thing, anyway.

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