Alexa Chung Dishes on Her Madewell Collection
Credit: Sara Jaye Weiss/StartraksPhoto

For Alexa Chung's debut collection for Madewell, presented at the Bowery Hotel, the stylish Brit modeled brown velvet hot shorts ("a control top tight is the key!") and a white silk blouse from her new line. "This is a pretty selfish collection—it's basically everything I want to wear, things that make your friends go, 'Oh, where did you get that?' It's also inspired by a lot of vintage pieces I own that I wanted to tweak," Chung told us. But even she'll admit not all her ideas are fashionable: "I did try to make a denim leotard and it turned out so bad we had to axe it." As for choosing Madewell over all the other labels clamoring for her stylish eye, Chung took a down-to-earth approach. "I liked that [Madewell] is not too pricey." Her real-girl attitude is what makes her so style so enviable, but it's also about the personal touches. "I added ribbons in the hair—it's inspired by the English schoolgirl and that's way we looked!"