By Samantha Simon
Updated Aug 08, 2014 @ 7:14 am
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Alexa Chung has taken a hands-on approach for her latest collaboration, putting her face—and digits—on Nails Inc’s new line of fabric-inspired polishes. To celebrate the brand’s 15th anniversary, the effortlessly cool style icon has signed on as a Nails Inc brand ambassador and partnered with founder Thea Green to develop six textured polishes that instantly dress nails up. Chung chatted with InStyle about the collaboration—check out what she had to say about the new collection, available at Sephora and for $15 per bottle starting Aug. 8.

For someone whose Instagram-worthy nail art is often as enviable as her wardrobe, a collaboration that “creates some kind of narrative between the fashion world and the beauty world,” makes perfect sense, according to Chung. To keep her own nail game on point, she switches shades as often as her schedule allows. “If I’m in New York, I get my nails done once a week,” she says. “I get bored quite quickly with one color, so I’ll want to change it up!”

It's easy to rock many different looks with this palette, which features everything from sparkly sequins to softer neutrals—all named after Chung, and each of which she helped to carefully create. “I like colors to look exactly like I want them to,” she explains.

Credit: Courtesy

Chung’s go-to shade in the collection is Alexa Leather, which is inspired by her love of the brand’s original black leather polish. “The starting point for this collection was the leather effect,” she explains. From there, “it became more fashion-focused.” And while the dark leather-inspired color may be her number one hue for fingers, Chung takes a lighter approach when it comes to her toes, opting instead for Alexa Cashmere. “That’s the one I’ve been wearing the most on my feet,” she says. “It’s kind of a dull lilac, and it’s obviously more luxurious.” For the chicest mani-pedi combo in the collection, Chung suggests Alexa Silk on fingers paired with Alexa Cashmere on toes. “I don’t care to match my hands and feet—they’re so far apart!”

In addition to the fabric-inspired collection, Nails Inc is set to launch a new line called Nailkale on Aug 15. The first nail treatment range that includes kale in its formula will offer a base coat, an illuminator, and nine hues that boost keratin production to strengthen, hydrate, and nourish nails. Chung is totally on board with the shift towards healthy beauty products, a trend that seems to be here to stay. “It's a new approach to beauty,” she says. “I just think we’re more aware, and we understand more about which good things our bodies need.”

—With reporting by Sharon Clott