Alex Rodriguez's Theory on Why His Relationship with Jennifer Lopez Works

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have had quite the whirlwind romance. Though their schedules are hectic, the duo prioritizes making time for one another—documenting their moments driving and listening to music on Instagram and celebrating their birthdays together.

It helps that the power couple have a lot in common with each other. "We're both kind of workaholics," Rodriguez revealed in an interview published Thursday by The Hollywood Reporter. "We both appreciate where we are in our lives."

Ana Carballosa via Alex Rodriguez / Instagram

"We appreciate being parents, and we're so similar," he added.

Rodriguez also goes deep about his own career in sports. "The mistakes I've made are loud and clear," the former New York Yankees player divulged. "But one thing I am proud of is, I did not let those mistakes define who I am. I kept getting up."

Next up for him is a CNBC pilot called Back in the Game, in which he would mentor downcast athletes and give them a way to get back into their respective games. And J.Lo is gearing up for next year's Bye Bye Birdie Live! production.

Rodriguez and Lopez's policy of work hard and adore each other harder is, in a word, goals.

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