Alex Rodriguez Responds to Jennifer Lopez's Choral Request for an Engagement Ring

Though Jennifer Lopez’s latest single is in Spanish, it doesn’t take fluency in the language to understand the subtext of “El Anillo.” The song, which translates to “The Ring" (not to be confused with the horror film of the same name), is about the struggle Lopez says all women face in a relationship: wondering if their S.O. is going to propose.

“It was kind of something that all women get to a point where they say, ‘OK, what’s up? We’re good, everything’s great, what’s going on? Am I staying or am I [going]?’ Jennifer told Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on The Tonight Show on Wednesday.

The very next evening, Lopez’s boyfriend Alex Rodriguez appeared on the show as well. Naturally, Fallon was eager to get his take on the seemingly pointed tune.

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“I know nothing about music,” the former MLB star told the host. “I read the song and I go, ‘Babe, it sounds like they’re talking about us.’ And she goes, ‘Yeah! They made it for me.’ I heard it for the first time and I knew it was going to be a smash the first time I heard it.”

“Oh, it’s a giant hit,” Jimmy agreed, “but now everyone’s probably going to ask you, 'Where’s the ring?' Where is it? Are you thinking about it?” he asked.

Rodriguez gave an honest response, telling Fallow, “I wasn’t thinking about it. When it happens, Jimmy, you’ll be the first to know!”

Jimmy, please report back with details at your earliest convenience.

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