By Danielle Prescod
Updated Nov 10, 2015 @ 2:00 pm
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Alessandra Ambrosio is the kind of pretty that makes you nervous, because indeed she is perfect-looking. And it’s also not like Alessandra isn’t the world’s nicest person--because she is that, too. She’s an angel, after all. She sat down with InStyle during her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show wing fitting to chat about being a 15 year V.S. veteran, bringing sexy back, and why she’s never gotten around to tying the knot.

Tell me about what you’re wearing for this year’s show.

“I’m wearing really basic and beautiful green lingerie and those fun feathers. Its very sparkly and colorful. Its for the firework section so I am an explosion! An explosion of color. It’s pretty fun. It’s interesting. I never had anything like that in that shape and its fun to play with that.”

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Do you remember your first pair of wings?

“My first pair of wings I remember! They were very basic and tiny, small little white feather wings like very angel-like. They were like the ones you can buy for Halloween and those were the wings back then. They didn’t make anything different and now it’s all different shapes, different materials, different colors, all kinds. They go crazy with the wings. I love that.”

What was your favorite pair of wings?

“The most memorable pair was this gorgeous flower one when I wore the floral fantasy bra a few years ago. I had these really beautiful brown and white wings. They were super heavy. I almost fell. And then there was this other one that looked like all of the suits of cards. They were black and white and just had all the little hearts and spades. Those two were the most memorable.”

What was your best show memory?

“My favorite show memory I think was last year when me and Adriana opened one of the sections and we were both wearing fantasy bras and it was such a nice connection because we have both been working for Victoria’s Secret for so long and it was different. It was the first time that two girls were going down [the runway] together.”

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After 15 years of doing the show, does it ever get any easier?

“Yeah. I know what to do now. I know a few weeks before the show, I really start the preparation and I need some more time now and so I try not to book any trips so I have more time to workout but it is always a try because it doesn’t usually happen. But, you know, I try to really get my schedule together so that I can prepare for the show. Especially like the week before. It’s kind of like getting married I guess, like a bride. I never got married though. It’s like that every year for 15 years. That’s why I haven’t gotten married yet.”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given before a show?

“I really like when Ed [Razek, executive producer of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show] gets all the girls together and he starts talking about the history and why we are doing that [the show] and who is going to be seeing it and what it is all about. And you get very emotional. Its like about teamwork and the whole world is going to see it so it is very nice when he talks and then you get into the spirit of the whole show from there on. You’re on it.”

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Do you have any advice for the 10 new angels?

“I think have fun is the best advice. I think that’s what the Victoria’s Secret show is about. It’s about laughing and playing and don’t take it too seriously. It is not a fashion show like the other ones where it’s all about fashion and the clothes. You can actually interact with the public. You can interact with the performers so it’s about having fun.”

What was your favorite performance?

“I think one of my favorites was Justin Timberlake when he was like [sings] ‘Bringing Sexy Back’. It was very appropriate for the show.”

Who are you most excited to see this year?

“I really want to see the Weeknd. I have never seen him live and I love that song. Who doesn’t, right?”

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