By Kim Peiffer
Feb 28, 2014 @ 11:32 am
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Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is no stranger to walking the runway in a little bit of everything, from couture gowns to the famed $2.5 million dollar bra. But now, the star is taking on a different role in the fashion world: designer. Beginning in March, Ambrosio will launch ále by Alessandra Ambrosio, her first clothing collection for Planet Blue. The pieces will feature soft feminine fabrics, earthy prints, flirty tees, and flowing maxi dresses. We sat down with the Victoria's Secret Angel and designer to get the scoop on her new gig.

What inspired this particular collection?My lifestyle. It’s what I live every day—comfortable, soft fabrics, some prints, embroidery. I knew I wanted to show a lot of skin and be sensual, but at the same time, it had to be very versatile and easy to style for the girl who doesn’t have much time to put an outfit together. The collection is Brazil-meets-Malibu. It’s bohemian chic. It’s a reflection of my everyday life. It’s being a mom, being a girl, loving fashion, loving to style herself, and being easy -- not wasting that much time in it.

Walk us through the campaign.My concept was "Let’s go to the desert" because I felt the colors were perfect for the desert. And let’s go there really early in the morning, see the sun rise, and shoot until sunset!

We're loving these tees from the collection.I really worked on the details of these: the lines, how we were going to cut them, how we were going to show them, what’s the comfort zone for a girl. I have a favorite [tee] for each day of the week.

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What kind of woman do you think your collection speaks to?She loves fashion. She likes to be sensual. She is feminine and she doesn’t like to waste time getting dressed. She has a busy life but at the same time, she wants to be well-dressed. I love colors. When I’m in New York, I usually wear black. Then, I get out of New York and I have a whole palette of color in my wardrobe. I have a lot of beige and neutral colors, which is my favorite to wear in other parts of the world. I think that’s the girl -- she wants to have fun. My motto is “Forever on vacation.” She has to feel like whatever she’s doing in life, she's enjoying.

So many women wake up in the morning and have no idea what to put on their bodies. They look in their closet, and just feel stuck. How do you decide what to put on in the morning?Get a great piece of clothing you definitely want to wear. Get something that you love. That’s how I do it. And every time I get something that I love that I want to wear, I get excited. If it’s something that you’re kind of like, "Eh" then it’s harder to make that choice. If you don’t know what to wear, go for the basics. There’s nothing wrong with putting a t-shirt and denim. I think that’s easiest for me. I wake up at 7 in the morning, I have to take my daughter to school, there’s paparazzi outside, and I’m like, "I don’t even want to think I’m styling myself." I’m a denim girl, and I put on a nice t-shirt.

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