Alec Baldwin Worries He's Making President Trump "Too Cuddly"

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Alec Baldwin’s impression of President Donald Trump has been a centerpiece of Saturday Night Live since last fall. Although he’s not a regular cast member, Baldwin now appears on the show frequently to skewer the president’s latest scandals; he even helmed the cold open in last week’s season premiere, making fun of Trump’s response to the disaster in Puerto Rico.

However, in a new interview with Senator Bernie Sanders on the actor’s Here’s the Thing podcast, Baldwin admits to some worry about how his portrayal may be indirectly helping Trump.

“In terms of Trump, do you think we’re making him a little too cuddly, a little too funny, and we’re taking people’s minds off stuff that’s a little more serious?” Baldwin asked.

Alec Baldwin/Donald Trump 
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“I think what we have to focus on with Trump is what he’s doing,” Sanders replied, noting that Trump’s actions are often at odds with his statements. For instance, Trump promised during the campaign he wouldn’t cut Medicaid or Social Security, but as president has repeatedly thrown his weight behind health care bills that would do exactly that.

When it came to another of SNL‘s highlight political impressions from the campaign, Sanders also admitted that Larry David “did a great job” impersonating him.

You can listen here to their full interview.

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