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There are a lot of instances where walking off of an hours-long flight looking well-rested and even remotely as good as you did when you boarded would come in handy; after all, you never know who you're going to run into. Unfortunately, there's no real accessible method for completely kicking jet lag—unless you're willing to completely freeze your butt off for three minutes—but there are products out there that can help keep you fresh and ready to face your destination of choice. Let it be known that the following go-tos were in no way developed to combat the side effects of an eight-hour flight, but they'll definitely help curb some of the more visible side effects.

Dull Skin? Try Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night Oil
Created to fight wrinkles and reduce pore size, a few drops of this blue tansy oil will give your skin back the perk the high skies so boldly ripped away from you. Luna Sleeping Oil is scented (delightfully, might we add), so it might be best to apply this away from your neighbors to keep everyone happy. While this oil should be applied nightly for best results, a couple of drops will give you a quick glow and added softness. The best part: The entire 1-ounce bottle abides by the TSA's 3.4-ounce carry-on rule.

Need Some Color in Those Cheeks? Try AmorePacific's Time Response Creme
This is another one that's meant to be applied daily for optimal results, but will surely provide added glow in a pinch. AmorePacific's Time Response Creme is based off of a 24-hour time-release concept, meaning the creme keeps working long after you've applied it. Be warned: While completely worth the price tag, it does come in a large tub—not the most convenient if you're looking to bring some on your carry-on. The easy solution? Buy a travel-size jar and use the adorable spoon that comes with the creme to distribute. Apply to your face at the beginning of your flight and let it work its magic.

Headache? Try Prospector Co.'s Compressed Towel Tablets and Rag Soak
Forget not looking good: There's nothing worse than feeling bad on a trans-Atlantic flight. The next time you find yourself faced with a daunting itinerary, look to Savannah-based Prospector Co. The store offers "compressed towel tablets," which are much more fun than they sound. The pill-sized tablets open up into full-sized towels when placed into warm water. Add a few drops of their Pugilist Rag Soak to the towel and place over your eyes for a few moments of relaxation mid-flight. The next time the flight attendants make the complimentary beverage rounds, opt for the hot water.

Tired Eyes? Try La Prarie's Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Perfection a Porter
If you don't manage to get those precious hours of mid-flight shut-eye, never fear—there's a product for that. This anti-aging and lip perfection a porter from La Prarie fights fatigue and dryness; perfect for reversing a couple of hours in an uber-dry airplane atmosphere. The formula comes in an adorable compact, making it a strong contender for a permanent place within your on-the-go regimen. This one is great no matter how long your flight is—after applying, you'll immediately notice the difference.

Need Some Sleep? Try Iluminage's Skim Rejuvenating Eye Mask
Sometimes sleep and water really are the best things for jet lag. This eye mask from Iluminage helps fight aging with its copper oxide fibers—a material known for taming fine lines and irritated skin. Again, the mask works best if you wear it overnight continuously, but there's no better way to catch a few hours of sleep among a plane full of strangers.

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