Aimee Teegarden
Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty

Prom star Aimee Teegarden took home the TV Actress of the Year honor at the Young Hollywood Awards this weekend, but one of her most recent gigs was a little less glamorous than her stint on Friday Night Lights. "In between seasons I went and worked at Hollister. I think I made $8.25 an hour or something for folding clothes," the actress told InStyle. "Everyone should work in retail for at least a couple months, then work in the food business so you can appreciate the other side of dining out and shopping," Teegarden said of her job. The actress was pretty incognito at Hollister, but she was spotted by at least one fan. "There was one person, when I was working at the cash register, who was like "Hey! You look like that girl on Friday Night Lights!" And I was like "That's me!" And they were like "No, it's not," and I was like "You're right! It's not! Here you go." As for her paychecks, "I think I lost money on that endeavor because I kept buying clothes!"

Caitlin Petreycik with reporting by Lindzi Scharf