By Grace Gavilanes
Updated Jan 05, 2015 @ 8:21 am
Credit: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

When we think of Diane Keaton, the first image that comes to mind is of the forever trendsetting Annie Hall, who never failed to make us smile-- we're still in awe of her stylish ties, vests, and bowler hats. Turning 69 today, Keaton seems to have no plans to retire the iconic pieces that have become her signature (case in point: the statement hat pictured above), but the birthday girl is open to adding another title to her long-running list of occupations: hair pro. One peek at the star's Hair Daze Pinterest Board, and you'll be hooked! From soft waves to edgy bold braids, it's no secret that Keaton is game for the range of the spectrum. Only time will tell if the veteran actress will try out any of the pinned styles -- and we can't wait to see!