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InStyle’s Special Projects Editor Cindy Weber Cleary has been a fashion editor for the past 20-plus years. Needless to say, she’s picked up some tricks along the way. Catch her column here each week for how-to tips and style secrets on her favorite, timeless styles.

I first tried wearing the safari look in the early '80s when the Banana Republic catalog spread their special brand of adventure fantasy with affordable, utilitarian clothes and accessories—and some very savvy copy writing. (Their stores, at the time, had props such as crashed jeeps among the stacks of khakis and soundtracks that included squealing monkeys—which got a little campy, but, hey, shopping as theater was a visionary concept at that time.) I suddenly realized that I could not only wear a safari jacket on the weekend with jeans and loafers but also to work with a black pencil skirt and pumps. And the same still goes today. Talk about timeless style, just look at Lauren Hutton (above)!

I love a good camp shirt or shirtdress.

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Madewell shirt (top) , $85,; Ralph Lauren shirtdress, $1,170,; Etoile Isabel Marant shirt (bottom), $410,; Tomas Maier jacket, $550,

There are plenty of chic updated versions of this look. Designers including Jason Wu (left), Ralph Lauren (center), and Victoria Beckham (right) sent safari-inspired styles down their spring 2015 runways:

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Below are some more current favorites. Earthy colors and natural textures looks great when paired with brown or tan shoes, bags, and belts and earthy textures such as suede, burlap, and raffia in the mix. Or go the glam route, as Ralph Lauren did, by adding exotic jewelry worthy of a maharaja.

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H&M shirtdress (left), $80,; Topshop jumpsuit, $105,; Gap shirtdress (right), $80,

The safari spirit is one that even armchair-adventurers can embrace!